On and Off Leash Program


Ready to take your dog to the next level? Our off leash package includes:
Down (see videos on page)
On - Leash Manners
Off- leash walking
Off - leash recall
Door Manners
Crate Training
Basic Manners (no jumping etc.)

*Any additional issues we discuss with you prior to beginning the program including jumping, dog aggression, management problems such as chewing, digging, biting, etc.
This program comes with private lessons, remote collar, and ongoing support!


This program is highly recommended for:

- Aggression issues
- High energy dogs
- Issues with chasing small animals 
- Counter surfing problems
- Recall and running away issues

Want to learn more? Tell us more about your dog and we'll get back to you!



This package is suitable for dogs and puppies that are at least 5 months old.
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