Manners and On-Leash Obedience

The Basic Obedience package includes work in both obedience (sit, down, place, loose leash walking) and general manners (no jumping, polite leash manners). Dogs will learn how to reliably maintain positions (sit, down, and place) with duration. Leash, door, and crate manners will be practiced. Your dog will have opportunities to practice their manners around other dogs in a controlled environment during this program. For shy or reactive dogs, we typically do several supervised field trips to practice in new environments.

Most importantly, the Basic Obedience package includes a management plan and unlimited support. We want to help you succeed with your dog even after they go home! You will receive multiple complimentary private lessons and we are here anytime you have a quick question - just send us an email or give us a call. Want more information? Tell us more about your dog and we'll get back to you!