The Process
The first step in your dog's training journey at Cosmic Canine is to fill out our online form with information about you, your dog, your goals, and your struggles. The training team carefully reviews this information you provide and composes a training plan fit for your family. After the discussion with you, we set a drop off date for you to bring your dog to our facility for their stay.

​We spend a few weeks working with your dog and completing phase one, but that is only the beginning! After your dog's stay, we meet with you and your family and teach you the new things your dog has learned. Now it's your turn! Bring your dog home and practice, come up with any additional questions and let us know of any struggles. Each board and train program includes several follow up private lessons as part of the package. When you feel like you need a bit of extra help, or if you just feel more comfortable training under our guidance, set up a follow up private so we can be there to help you keep going!



1. Does my dog stay at your facility for the entire program? Can I visit?

Yes, your dog will remain at Cosmic Canine for the duration of their program. It takes a few days for your dog to settle in to a new environment, so if you come to visit, your dog will have to settle in all over again and we have lost some time. For this reason, we recommend you do not visit during their training stay. If you miss your dog or just want to see them, message us on Facebook or email us. We also provide weekly video and/or photo updates!

2. How much time does my dog stay in the crate?

Your dog will spend quite a bit of time in their crate, but don't worry - they typically sleep the entire time! Training is tiring, and we work your dog multiple times a day so a rest in their crate is essential. We also walk your dog several times a day and they get one on one attention from our staff. With a schedule of work, rest, work, rest, your dog has a structured and fulfilling day.

3. After the program is my dog completely trained?

Though we provide a very solid foundation and deliver you a dog that reliably perform many skills, training is never a one stop fix - you must continue with the training. We provide follow up services to make sure that we train you and give you the tools to maintain the things we have taught your dog. 



Your Dog's Stay


Getting to know your dog

When your dog arrives at Cosmic Canine, we immediately start to get to know your dog and learn his personality. For some shyer dogs, this is a stress-free settling in period with focus on confidence building- we don't want to rush! Some of the more outgoing dogs we will start simple obedience training right away, it all depends on how your dog adjusts to being in a new place and working with new people.

More structured obedience

Now that your dog is more comfortable here with us, it is time to learn! We spend a great deal of time teaching new commands and reinforcing known commands. Each day, things get more challenging. We progress from working your dogs in a quiet, low stimulating environment to more difficult scenarios such as outdoors with people and dogs walking by. The bulk of learning happens during this phase.

Your turn!

Though your dogs stay here for 3-4 weeks, training is never over and our support isn't either. When your dog goes home it is your turn to keep up with the things we have taught you and your dog. We have a four lesson follow-up program with homework for you and your dog that is part of your board and train program. We strongly encourage everyone to call us, email us, and schedule their included private lessons so you can continue to work with your dogs and progress.


Why Cosmic Canine?

 We are committed to providing you and your dog not only with quality training, but with ongoing support. We know training isn't easy for everyone.  We know it's hard to remember everything. When your dog goes home we send you with written instructions and materials to help keep you on track. We are here until you meet your goals with your dog! If you feel lost, we're just a phone call away! 

 If you are ready to begin this journey please tell us more about your dog, or email us for more information!

Have more questions on how to choose a board and train program for your dog? Check out our blog post for more information.


General information Our facility has a variety of provisions to have your pets stay be both comfortable and safe. Dogs are kept in secure crates when not being worked. Dogs will be fed whatever they eat at home - we can even accommodate raw diets . We want your pet's stay to be an enjoyable learning experience!! We know it can be tough to leave your dog at a new place, we provide owners with photo updates every Friday. Though we do the bulk of the training work on your dog, it is just as important (if not more important!) that at home the training continues. Every board and train package includes multiple free private lessons for you to use after your dog returns home. We are happy to help with any follow up questions or concerns even after your dog goes home!