Beginning Nosework seminar with Judith Powell
Date: April 22, 2017
Time: 9am*
Cost: $100
Limited to 10 slots 

Ready to learn about Nosework? Learn how to get started right in this fun activity with Judith Powell!

In this seminar, Judith will cover some elementary rules of the program, and the learning styles that will be used in the process of teaching your dog. For the working spots, we will then set up an exercise, initiating the dogs to odor.

About Judith:
Judith van Heugten Powell grew up in The Netherlands loving animals. Her first dog was a Belgian Malinois puppy out of a true working line. Needless to say, she had to quickly develop skills to handle her challenging dog. That journey led to her to a position with the KNPV - Royal Dutch Police Dog Association where she was immersed into the world of working dogs. Her interest in scent work started there 30 years ago. Upon moving to the USA, she and her husband opened Seven Pines Kennels in 1998 with their goals of training and supplying dogs to Law Enforcement and deploying dogs for security and narcotic sweeps. Countless dogs have gone through her hands since. Each of them teaching her something new during the training process. Judith got onboard as a UKC Judge with the start of it's Nosework Program recognizing that detection work can be a wonderful journey for many dogs and their handlers. The obstacles that handlers will encounter are very familiar to her and she tries to pay it forward with what she was taught.