Individualized Training to Fit You and Your Dog
At Cosmic Canine, we understand that every dog and handler team is unique - what works for one dog and owner/handler might not be the best option for the next. We work to find the best solution for each team. Yes, team, you and your dog are a team!

Many trainers and training facilities strictly follow one training philosophy and try to make every dog and owner fit their mold. While it is often successful, many times this approach is frustrating to both dog and owner.

At Cosmic Canine, we do our best to get to know you and your dog. Each person is unique and has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Dogs are no different. Each dog is also a unique being with their own quirks, personalities, likes, and dislikes. Combine the two, and no "team" is ever the same!

Training is Fun!
Our motto at Cosmic Canine is if it is not fun for us and the dog, there is no point doing it. The more you train with your dog, the better you understand each other, and the more enjoyment you get out of your dog.  We do not support "dominance training" that encourages owners to dominate or alpha roll their dogs. We teach owners to be fair and trustworthy "leaders" with rules to follow,  but not harsh dictators. 

Real life skills to handle your dog
Dog training is more than just "sit, down, come" and other commands that most people think of as obedience. Dog training is also learning about how your dog thinks and communicates so you can fully enjoy each other.  Whether you know it or not, you are constantly training and communicating with your dog. Dogs are masters of human observation and they learn from you all the time; the question is, what are they learning? It is your job and our job to teach them what you want them to know. In the private lessons that follow your dog's training program, we strive to teach you how to continue to train, manage, and communicate with your dog beyond just obedience.

Experienced Trainers
The trainers at Cosmic Canine train under and are students of Joanne Fleming. This means our instructors speak the same "language". We all study and compete with our own dogs using the same foundation and methods that we teach you. Our trainers have spent many years working with dogs even before furthering their education under Joanne's coaching. 

Keep in mind many training facilities, especially the larger chains, only require their trainers to attend short two or three week training programs. It is completely impossible to gain nearly enough knowledge of training and handling dogs in such a short time. Reading and training dogs is a skill that can only be learned with time and patience. Every dog is different, therefore trainers learn from every dog they work with and every skill they teach. A true dog trainer never stops learning.