Having Dog Behavioral Problems?

Is Your Dog Aggressive?

Here at Cosmic Canine Dog Training, we offer 100% FREE behavior assessments.

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What's Included in a FREE Behavioral Assessment?

We will assess your dog’s characteristics and personality during his overnight stay. We will go over our observations with you and discuss how your dog’s characteristics are affecting the challenges you are experiencing and how training and proper management can help you live happily ever after with your dog.


WOW What a difference! My 5 month old German Shepherd was having severe fear aggression problems with every dog and person she saw. The hair would go up on her back and she would go ballistic. I left her with Stan at Cosmic Canine for a board and train session and she is a totally different dog. Just got back from taking her to Home Depot where she walked threw the place like she owned it. Met people saw dogs nothing bothered her. She was just happy to be there.
what a great place to go train from puppy up .. friendly atmosphere
Mellodee Middleton
I took my 6 month old Germanshepard mix to cosmic canine training, he was huge and out of control, when he came home he was a complete different dog. going back a couple times after the training was over, for pointers and touch up, I can take him anywhere off leash and not worry about him jumping on people or running after or up to other dogs! He’s so obedient I take him on bike rides in the park and he stays by my side. This was the best investment I could have ever made for my big baby!
Trisha Trumble
We had an excellent experience doing a boarding and training program with our puppy. I highly recommend them!!
Zeena Schliker
Completed a board and train program and am in the process of follow up sessions. My dog and I have had a great experience! They didn’t just train my dog, they’re also training me how to be more effective with her. I’m so grateful for their help and would highly recommend their program!
Amanda Stretcher

Totally great trainers and facility. I compete in AKC obedience and they have helped me with training exercises. I go as often as I can. Love hanging out with knowledgable people.

Mary Dick

Cosmic Canine is a very lovable place for your babies. AWESOME STAFF!!!!!

Michelle Bennett

We sent our Lab to Cosmic Canine when he was 9 months old for the board and train program. He came back a totally different dog. We can't thank Stan and Maya enough for the work they put into him. He was a bit stubborn at first. We can now go outside with him off-leash and not worry about him running away. His manners are so much better. He still needs some reminding now and then but overall we couln't be happier. He is now a part of the family and interacts with us on a positive level instead of a negative one. The investment we made was totally worth it

Rachel V

Assessment Elements

  • Confidence with People
  • Confidence with Environment
  • Level of Focus in Training
  • Energy Level
  • Hardness/Softness
  • Independence
  • Level of Play/Toy drive
  • Level of food drive
  • Dog Aggression
  • General Aggression